MRG Culture: Behind the Scenes

If you want to know what a company’s culture is really like, talk to their employees, right? We did just that. Read what MRG’s newest team members Account Executive Sam MacIntosh, and intern Jake Kouzminski have to say about the people, the environment, and the company.

Q: What most attracted you to MRG?

Sam: My focus was to find a company willing to invest in themselves, to listen to new ideas and to embrace technology. I noticed immediately that if someone has a good idea at MRG they are listened to, and the idea can be implemented quickly. The leaders here are willing to look at industry changes and pivot when necessary.

Jake: I was attracted to the idea that in this internship I could gain an in-depth understanding of insurance for a specific industry–construction.

Q: How would you describe MRG leadership?

Sam: They treat you like you are the most important person in the room. If I have an idea I’ll be listened to, if I have struggles, they’ll be addressed. They are also focused on separating work and home. It’s a great fit; Ron, Zina and Bill are people who match my curiosity and know how to use my skills correctly. I feel respected and valued.

Jake: In a word, awesome. They focus on me as much as they want me to focus on my work. I feel that they really want me to succeed.

Q: What are your colleagues like?

Sam: It’s very close knit here. Everyone works together—no ‘this is my account, this is your account.’ This is a team atmosphere and anything we can do to help each other is prioritized.

Jake: It feels like a family setting. Every person is so friendly and they are more than happy to take time away from their day to help each other.

Q: How do you feel about MRG as a place to learn and grow?

Sam: My training has gone really well; it was developed and codified before I got here and that helped me quickly get up to speed. Constant learning is always my goal; MRG embraces and reinforces it.

Jake: I’ve learned 100 times more in six weeks than in a semester of college. It’s as simple as that.

Q: What about MRG as an employer inspires you to be your best every day?

Sam: It’s definitely a supportive environment. I came back from vacation and my director had left me a hand-written note. That sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s encouraging to feel part of a community, especially one where everyone is working towards a single goal. You want to do your part to hit that goal.

Jake: Knowing that you have trust in one another and the leaders have trust in you. Nobody wants to break that trust. Everyone loves to be here, and is very motivated. They care about me as a human.

Q: What would you tell a job candidate about working at MRG?

Sam: MRG is in the driver’s seat in this industry right now, and well positioned moving forward. Because it’s an open door, flat organization, everyone works with a common goal. That gives us the ability to provide service at a very high level, and ultimately to grow as a business.

Jake: There is so much opportunity to learn and grow as a person and an employee.  It’s a wonderful place to work.