MRG Claims

“As a contractor, I know that all brokers have claims people that call the claims into the carrier.  What makes MRG so different and how does it help my company?”

MRG Claims Advocacy Advantage

Most brokers rely solely on insurance carriers to monitor and adjudicate client claims. MRG’s in-house claims experts work closely with carrier adjusters to monitor and advise on claims in progress and to evaluate and negotiate claim reserves. MRG clients have an in-house Claims Expert assigned to their company.

In addition, we coordinate claim mitigation tools including special investigation, litigation and subrogation with the carriers on behalf of our partners. This claims specialization and focus is one of MRG’s distinct advantages over the competition, allowing clients to minimize costs and realize their organizational objectives.

  • Intake and review new claims to evaluate potential exposure and subrogation
  • Comprehensive claim reviews
  • Review and select carrier defense attorney panels
  • Negotiate claims handling procedures with your carriers
  • Perform subcontract review and consultation
  • Maintain constant contact with adjusters to ensure claims are moving toward resolution.
  • Contractual Liability Training for PMs and Superintendents
  • EMR Accuracy Review Program