“MRG’s BluePrint is truly unique to the Property & Casualty insurance brokers that we have dealt with in the past.  Their expertise and refreshing approach has made them an invaluable part of the Dale Companies.  MRG’s team of experts work closely with our safety personnel, estimating department, and accounting department. They have transformed our insurance process from a headache and time waster, into a well thought out, long range Risk Management tool that protects our company’s interests and gives us a competitive advantage. They are one of our most valued partners.”

Dale Lintner, Jr., CFO


“We have been working with the MRG team since 2004.  MRG’s in-house safety and claims professionals have been a key component to the success of Michael F. Ronca and Sons Risk Management Program.   We view them as a valued partner and an expert in Construction Insurance and Risk Management.”

David Ronca – General Manager
Michael F. Ronca & Sons, Inc.


“We have been working with the MRG Team dating back to 2004. They are Boro’s outsourced risk management support. MRG staff are true experts and are responsive to Boro’s needs -from bidding to jobsite safety to risk analysis, we rely on their team expertise.”

Tom Baker
Boro Construction