Risk Management

The MRG risk management approach is multi-faceted.  We gain a thorough understanding of our client’s business and then develop both a short and long term strategy to maximize the value they receive from their risk management program.  Initially (and ongoing) we perform a comprehensive risk management analysis aimed to identify potential exposures for each client and design solutions to address them.

Still, we recognize that claims and losses will happen from time to time.  We’re all human, mistakes and accidents occur as a result.  The ability to control and manage risk is what sets MRG apart. Our team provides innovative services and solutions that address the challenges our clients encounter daily. This specialization and our high level of involvement separates MRG from our competitors. This approach enables our contractors to minimize costs and realize their organizational objectives.

For pre-claim risk control, our certified, in-house loss control staff understand and can anticipate the risks inherent in each of our partners’ operations.   That sophisticated knowledge allows us to develop tailored, outcome-based solutions that specifically address your risk landscape.

For post-claim management services, MRG’s in-house claims consultants work closely with the carrier adjusters to monitor and advise on the claims process.  We will coordinate special investigations for potentially fraudulent claims, engage surveillance to ensure injuries are legitimate and pursue subrogation from every avenue possible.

Losses and accidents can have significant financial impact on your company.  MRG has the capability and procedures in place to control those losses and mitigate any damage to your bottom line.