MRG Difference

“All brokers are the same, how is MRG any different?”

MRG Difference

If a loved one suffered an injury and needed surgery, would you visit your general practice family physician? No, you would get them to a doctor specializing in that injury. If your construction company was sued, would you have your local general practice attorney represent your company? No, you would want an attorney that specializes in construction law.

Why not follow the same thought process when selecting your insurance professional?

That’s where we come in.

MRG is a specialized brokerage and unique in the fact that it is the only firm in the area that solely handles property and casualty insurance and risk management for contractors. All of our clients are involved in the construction industry and that is by design. Other brokers will work with a variety of industries, they will sell you Health Insurance, Bonding, Personal Lines, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning…. Not MRG.

We pride ourselves on our specialization, and as a result our team understands the construction industry like no one else.  MRG’s entire staff lives, eats and breathes construction day in and day out and we understand the unique challenges that our client’s staff face.  From rush quotes for the estimating department to dispatching a safety professional and claims expert in the event of an accident – we know what you need.  MRG WAS BUILT FOR IT!

MRG will become your company’s outsourced risk management arm. On day 1 of coming on board with us, you get a 6 person team assigned to your company and that never changes. Our involvement stretches across your entire organization including, but not limited to:

  • Expert Brokering and Placement
  • Risk Control & Safety
  • Claims Monitoring and Advocacy
  • Estimating
  • Project Management/Superintendent Training
  • CCIP/OCIP Consultation

If there is any aspect of your organization that even remotely touches insurance, MRG is involved.