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Why Choose Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Hiring the wrong Employee for your Business can cost you over $17,000. You might think that’s not an overly huge number, but that $17,000 only accounts for lower productivity and waste of your training resources and time. What about the real cost of a disgruntled and ultimately, poor employee? What if you are served with […]

MRG’s Interview for Growing Greater Philadelphia

  Thanks to the General Building Contractors Association (GBCA), Big Talker 1210 WPHT Radio & Matthew P. Cabrey of Select Greater Philadelphia Council‘s Growing Greater Philadelphia for speaking with MRG – Madison Risk Group, LLC‘s Ron Ebert and Bill Burke about MRG’s unique Blueprint Insurance Brokerage services for the Philadelphia construction industry. Listen to the […]

Why do I need a Certified Equipment Appraiser?

Anyone who runs a construction company knows that equipment costs are one of the leading expenses they face. Construction projects, whether for a new house or a multi-level office block, each are complex and unique–as are the risks that go with them. Despite the fact that construction equipment often takes a beating and given the […]

Contractors’ Professional Liability Insurance

Do you provide Design Build services?  If so, please review the following information to ensure that you are fully covered. Just because you have a general liability policy does not mean you are fully covered. Professional liability insurance is often used by architects, engineers, and web designers. Contractors professional liability insurance protects you from claims […]